Monday, February 21, 2011

The next Twilight movie

In the eagerly awaited next installment of the "Twilight Saga", the newly-discovered charms of married life of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) are interrupted when a series of betrayals and disasters threatens to destroy the world...

After the wedding, Bella and Edward are going on honeymoon to Rio de Janeiro, where he finally can devote themselves to the passions. Bella soon discovers she is pregnant and during childbirth, which almost leads her to death, Edward finally fulfills her wish to be immortal.

But the birth of their remarkable daughter, Renesmee, trigger a dangerous chain of events that defy the Cullens and the Volturi, menacing trick vampires who are preparing for battle.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bad news for Twilight fans

Movies "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" and "The Last Airbender" are most likely to awards for worst movies. Received the largest number, nine nominations for the least desirable in the film world championships, the Golden Raspberries.

Chance to be called the worst movie are: "The Bounty Hunter," "The Last Airbender," "Sex and the City 2," "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" and "Vampires suck"

The "award" for worst actor of the year will compete for Robert Pattinson (Twilight Saga: Eclipse, "" Remember Me "), Taylor Lautner (Twilight Saga: Eclipse," "Valentine"), Ashton Kutcher ("Mr. and Mrs. Kiler "" Valentine "), Jack Black (" Gulliver's Travels ") and Gerard Butler (" The Bounty Hunter "). Among the women struggle to unwanted trophy will be fought between Jennifer Aniston ("The Bounty Hunter," "Yes it is doing now"), Miley Cyrus ("Last Song"), four stars of "Sex and the City 2" (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon), Megan Fox ("Jonah Hex") and Kristen Stewart ("Twilight Saga: Eclipse").

Nominations for worst supporting actor received: Billy Ray Cyrus ("The Spy Next Door"), George Lopez ("Marmaduke - A dog on a wave," "The Spy Next Door," "Valentine") Dev Patel ("The Last Airbender" ), Jackson Rathbone ("The Last Airbender," "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse") and Rob Schneider ("Big kids").

Worst Supporting Actress has a Chance to be: Jessica Alba ("The Killer Inside Me," "Get to know our family," "Machete," "Valentine"), Cher ("Burlesque"), Liza Minnelli ("Sex and the City 2") Nicola Peltz ("The Last Airbender") and Barbra Streisand ("Get to know our family").

At worst director were selected: Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer ("Vampires suck"), Michael Patrick King ("Sex and the City 2"), M. Night Shyamalan ("The Last Airbender"), David Slade ("Saga Twilight: Eclipse ") and Sylvester Stallone (" indestructible ").

Laureates will be announced Feb. 26, the day before the Academy Awards.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

It is now almost certain that Kristen Stewart, the main character in the Twilight saga, will star as Snow White in "Snow White and the Huntsman.

"Snow White and the Huntsman" is to be an alternative version of the fairy tale. Her stepmother seizes power and exiles Snow White. she also wants to kill the princess and seeks the of of a ranger. He, however, decides to save the girl . White then organizes a resistance movement with the Seven Dwarves.

The director is a debutant Rupert Sanders. The role of the forester is held by Viggo Mortensen and the evil stepmother will be Charlize Theron.