Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bella Swan

Seventeen-year-Bella is carried out with the big city to his father, who lives in the tiny town of Forks, Washington. Introverted and serious, difficult to get used to the company relaxed day schools, but he accepts it around quickly. Wkrótce draws attention to Bella Cullen family, known in the city for its beauty and restraint in dealing with the world. Five adopted children, Dr. Cullen attends the same school as Bella, she quickly realizes that the youngest of the boys, handsome and capable of Edward, feels a deep aversion to it. Soon, intrigued by the mysterious Edward, distraught over Bella learns from a childhood friend, Jacob Black, according to local legend, the Cullens are vampires. Initially full of disbelief, she soon discovers that the legends are true, and the tension and resentment between Bella and Edward gradually turns into love. Four volumes of "Twilight," focuses on Bella and her dealings with the world of vampires, her attempts to adapt to their lifestyle. Important are also the feelings. It turns out that love is not just Edward, but also in Jacob, which introduces a considerable force in its chaos. In the end, however, explains everything. In the last part of the series, "Breaking Dawn, Bella marries Edward, becomes pregnant and gives birth to baby daughter, Renesmee Cullen-. Childbirth almost ends in her death, but Edward saves her by turning her into a vampire.

Bella is a small, longhaired brunette with chocolate eyes. Pale as the person who grew up in the scorching Arizona. He dresses in neutral, to establish a more elegant creations usually forces her Alice, but Bella does not like make-up and continuous changing. It is quite awkward, it is easy to stumble and wounds, which often dismisses ironic remarks. After the transformation has long brown hair and red eyes that shine with time. As the new birth, is the stronger of the Cullen family, so it can not be reconciled Emmett.