Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why girls love Edward? (20 more reasons)

21. He could be the next Bond.
22. He was expelled from school when he was 12 years old.
23. He speaks with a British accent.
24. If we had lived with him, we do not oversee the morning bathroom = D
25. Watching video clips on youtube from his participation leads to an impossible głupawki and / or admiration.
26. Nobody knows what is in his hair.
27. Is homeless.
28. As already Enta night sitting on the sb and melt on (d) it = P
29. He has millions of fans around the world, and it is still just staring at Kristen.
30. Is high.
31. The school was a loner, and we reward him now the great damage and we want him kolegować!
32. Imagination suggests to us an interesting scene involving him.
33. He played Edward, who, well ... It was perfect.
34. He played Cedric, who, well ... It was perfect.
35. Oddałybyśmy him her virginity.
36. Presents itself as a great artist Salvador Dali.
37. We love, like shoveling his hair.
38. Przestałyśmy HP and watch AS dubbed there to hear his voice.
39. We also do not like children.
40. In his old age, instead of Parkinson's, we had Pattinson.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why girls love Edward? (the next 10 reasons)

11. Kristen bite him in the neck from a tree.
12. His buttocks heaving, when it moves.
13. His singing can listen to endlessly.
14. Apparently not smoke and occasionally goes to the event (xDD).
15. When he sees on the screen, 99% of the heart begins to beat wildly.
16. Read.
17. It is one of the most promising actors in recent years.
18. Against the background of all actors urodziwych how HP presented the best.
19. There is gay and prefers girls.
20.He is the next Jude Law.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why girls love Edward Cullen? (first ten reasons:-)

1. He is Robert Pattinson.
2. He has eyes, where you can sink.
3. It is incredibly handsome.
4. A muscular chest.
5. A strong jaw (comes in handy when you're a vampire, I suppose)
6. His horny looks.
7. It has a large Shia is average, and Zac small.
8. It looks great in garniaku.
9. His laughter distance is increasing, even the biggest boor.
10. He bit a girl in the neck and unfortunately it was not me

Monday, March 7, 2011


A mythical creature, a hybrid, half-vampire, emerging from the compound of a human mother and vampire father. Dhampirs come from the Gypsy folklore. Unlike vampires, around which for centuries had accumulated and were preserved in myths, legends and superstitions, dhampirs are present in a broader awareness of science fiction writers and readers from a relatively short time. Consequently, the writers and the writers continued to treat dhampiry at its "whim", giving them the characteristics desired for a particular character, making it difficult to accurately characterize the powers possessed by hybrids. It is generally accepted that the father inherits dhampir some abilities unique to vampires. They may be different for each individual dhampira, such as a dhampir may be present in sunlight, for it must drink blood, another may not be in the sun, but it does not need to drink blood, yet another may be in the sun and do not drink blood. It may also happen that dhampir acclimate to the surrounding world and be able to function almost like a man. After her mother-man dhampiry usually inherit human weaknesses and emotions such as love, fear, hatred.
Dhampiry often face the side of good, struggling with real vampires. The most famous are dhampirami Blade (Blade, Blade is a vampire, although as a result of the mother by a vampire bites in the last month of pregnancy, and not as a result of sexual intercourse), Rayne (BloodRayne), Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy), and D Cullen Renesmee (Vampire Hunter D). The latter is often mistakenly called dunpealem or dumpealem, which penetrates the fact that the phonetic pronunciation in katakana dhampir recorded marks ダンピール (danpiiru), which is unaware of the translator translated - in accordance with generally accepted principles for the English language - the dunpeal, creating a new word . In both written and spoken Japanese, there is no letter "l", which is always replaced by an "r" and the pronunciation and writing letters "m" and "n" is sometimes alternating.