Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bella Cullen

In the last part of the saga of Bella is turned into a vampire. As in some individuals, and in it after the change reveals the extraordinary capabilities. Bella-vampire quickly bypasses newborn stage, and although it is characterized by a tremendous force and a tendency to outbursts of rage, is unable to resist the blood lust. In addition, Bell discovered his ability to create an invisible shield that protects it from attacks by mentally gifted like vampires. Quickly learns how to "cover the" other, unfortunately, also discovers that, thanks to the gift osobliwemu her daughter Renesmee The disc has a hole (as it later turns out they relate only to her daughter, who inherited the ability of parents on retreat, so he can communicate his thoughts and no one is able to block it.) By adopting the teachings from a vampire-amazons Zafriny can also make (pushing apart the wheel) to Edward could hear her thoughts, despite the "protection" afforded by the shield.

During their honeymoon, Bella and Edward, the girl becomes pregnant. A child develops in the deadly fast-paced, with the result that a young couple decides to return to the family home of Edward, to Forks, to be able to investigate Carlisle Bella. Cullen Family is trying to convince Bella to an abortion because her life is threatened, but does not want to hear about it praised for its decision by Rosalie. After some time, Edward is able to read minds, although a child not yet born. Unfortunately, one day (after about a month from your honeymoon), when Bella is already in advanced stages of pregnancy, the child has trouble breathing and it breaks through my mother a lot of bones (including the spine). Via Caesarean section Rosalie, Edward and Jacob receive the delivery. Renesmee is born, which is półwampirem. Rosalie does not hold smell blood and wakes up in her desire, but pulled it from the Jacob and Bella's child. Since Bella's heart stops beating slowly, Edward bites her, injecting venom, which makes his wife becomes a vampire.