Friday, April 29, 2011

Carlisle Cullen

Born around 1640 in London. Like his father led hunts vampires. When one of them, around 1663, was transformed into a vampire. From the beginning he knew who he became. He had no intention to accept it, so tried to take his own life to avoid having to kill people. Because it failed, was in the desolate regions. When the hunger attacked the deer, he discovered that he can live without killing people. Then he sailed to France, toured Europe and began to study. At night he studied musicology, natural science and medicine. He studied in Italy, where he first met the Volturi. They were accompanied by dozens of years, he admired their refinement and sophistication, but did not share their taste for human blood. Finally, when he was a doctor, sailed to America.

During an outbreak of Spanish flue he met dying Elizabeth Masen and her son, Edward. The boy's mother begged the doctor to help. Moved with pity and lonely Carlisle turned Edward into a vampire. Soon after, he met a dying Esme, who jumped off a cliff, being depressed after losing a child. Once transformed into a vampire was the wife of Dr. Cullen. Rosalie Hale then turned, found on the street, unable to dying. After finding the dying Rosalie has Emmett, due to its insistence, transforms and its salts. As the last joined the Cullens, Alice and Jasper. In the last part of the book to the family joins Bella Cullen and her child-Edward Cullen Renesmee.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bella Cullen

In the last part of the saga of Bella is turned into a vampire. As in some individuals, and in it after the change reveals the extraordinary capabilities. Bella-vampire quickly bypasses newborn stage, and although it is characterized by a tremendous force and a tendency to outbursts of rage, is unable to resist the blood lust. In addition, Bell discovered his ability to create an invisible shield that protects it from attacks by mentally gifted like vampires. Quickly learns how to "cover the" other, unfortunately, also discovers that, thanks to the gift osobliwemu her daughter Renesmee The disc has a hole (as it later turns out they relate only to her daughter, who inherited the ability of parents on retreat, so he can communicate his thoughts and no one is able to block it.) By adopting the teachings from a vampire-amazons Zafriny can also make (pushing apart the wheel) to Edward could hear her thoughts, despite the "protection" afforded by the shield.

During their honeymoon, Bella and Edward, the girl becomes pregnant. A child develops in the deadly fast-paced, with the result that a young couple decides to return to the family home of Edward, to Forks, to be able to investigate Carlisle Bella. Cullen Family is trying to convince Bella to an abortion because her life is threatened, but does not want to hear about it praised for its decision by Rosalie. After some time, Edward is able to read minds, although a child not yet born. Unfortunately, one day (after about a month from your honeymoon), when Bella is already in advanced stages of pregnancy, the child has trouble breathing and it breaks through my mother a lot of bones (including the spine). Via Caesarean section Rosalie, Edward and Jacob receive the delivery. Renesmee is born, which is półwampirem. Rosalie does not hold smell blood and wakes up in her desire, but pulled it from the Jacob and Bella's child. Since Bella's heart stops beating slowly, Edward bites her, injecting venom, which makes his wife becomes a vampire.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bella Swan

Seventeen-year-Bella is carried out with the big city to his father, who lives in the tiny town of Forks, Washington. Introverted and serious, difficult to get used to the company relaxed day schools, but he accepts it around quickly. Wkrótce draws attention to Bella Cullen family, known in the city for its beauty and restraint in dealing with the world. Five adopted children, Dr. Cullen attends the same school as Bella, she quickly realizes that the youngest of the boys, handsome and capable of Edward, feels a deep aversion to it. Soon, intrigued by the mysterious Edward, distraught over Bella learns from a childhood friend, Jacob Black, according to local legend, the Cullens are vampires. Initially full of disbelief, she soon discovers that the legends are true, and the tension and resentment between Bella and Edward gradually turns into love. Four volumes of "Twilight," focuses on Bella and her dealings with the world of vampires, her attempts to adapt to their lifestyle. Important are also the feelings. It turns out that love is not just Edward, but also in Jacob, which introduces a considerable force in its chaos. In the end, however, explains everything. In the last part of the series, "Breaking Dawn, Bella marries Edward, becomes pregnant and gives birth to baby daughter, Renesmee Cullen-. Childbirth almost ends in her death, but Edward saves her by turning her into a vampire.

Bella is a small, longhaired brunette with chocolate eyes. Pale as the person who grew up in the scorching Arizona. He dresses in neutral, to establish a more elegant creations usually forces her Alice, but Bella does not like make-up and continuous changing. It is quite awkward, it is easy to stumble and wounds, which often dismisses ironic remarks. After the transformation has long brown hair and red eyes that shine with time. As the new birth, is the stronger of the Cullen family, so it can not be reconciled Emmett.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alice Cullen

Alice is a very short and graceful girl with short, black, nastroszonymi hair. Her ability is seeing the future, but it also has limitations, because Alice does not see the future of werewolves and hybrids, such as Renesmee. Her view also tend to be irrelevant, because that is what Alice sees depends on the decisions taken by the people, and they are changing. In the book Breaking Dawn comes to the conclusion that he sees the future of the Vampire is one of them sees the future of people because once I was human, but can not see the future of werewolves and hybrids, because none of them is not.

Alice is described as a very optimistic, kind and who likes to take care of Bella as a sister. She likes to shop and arrange the adoption.

Alice does not remember anything from her human life. However, we learn that she was born around 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi, and was detained in a psychiatric hospital because she had visions of the future. Alice was amended in 1920 by an old vampire who worked in a psychiatric hospital. This was to protect her from James, a vampire - hunter, who hunted it. After a long search for Alice found her grave and discovered that the date on her tombstone coincides with the date of its store to a psychiatric hospital. Also discovered that she had a younger sister, Cynthia, and that Cynthia's daughter, who is the niece of Alice, still lives in Biloxi.

With his family saw the Cullens' abilities and anticipated meeting with Jasper. When she found him she told him about the vision of the Cullens, and together they decided to join them. According to Edward if not for her visions, Alice would end as a wild beast.

Friday, April 8, 2011

More and more reasons to love Edward!!!

51. Playing a vampire and at the same time not believing in vampires.
52. Although his facial expression escapes me with the voice can wyczyniać amazing things.
53. It is 'dirty boy'. Literally.
54. Had he lived at the time of Phidias and Michelangelo, it would be an ideal model. I would be in the middle of the Sistine Chapel.
55. After all pozotał themselves.
56. He likes ketchup.
57. He likes' girls nuts. "
58. As Edward grows almost safe sex.
59. If you ever go astray into Polish, we are pleased it oprowadzimy. After the hotel as well.
60. He says that his dog is his only girl, and we know that is not true.
61. It 'just a big, hard tool'.
62. To face him in topazowych ślepiach.
63. As he went after the senses and generally agreed to play Edward.
64. It is charmingly shy and sensitive.
65. It has sharp teeth, which reportedly can be used in kissing.
66. His view of us excited.
67. We do not know what his natural hair color.
68. Sam wrote arrangement of "Bella's Lullaby. "
69. Had we met, fallen in love with us.
70. Because he is so fucking hot!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Even more reasons to love Edward Cullen...

41. He can not keep the car, but it runs (valued resourcefulness).
42. He says that "cats die. "
43. He doesn't change clothes for three weeks, and it's very economical.
44. Declares a regular basis every Friday drunk.
45. If we were Kristen, Rob rzuciłybyśmy Oregano for after the first kiss.
46. The term "hot cakes" inevitably makes us think of the buttocks Rob.
47. If needed a stunt for the role of Bella, zgodziłybyśmy without hesitation.
48. Was chosen the sexiest British and defeated and beat Daniel Radcliffe.
49. He plays the piano and guitar.
50. Despite so many nights spędzonycj Kristen in the hotel rooms, can only be her friend.