Friday, April 29, 2011

Carlisle Cullen

Born around 1640 in London. Like his father led hunts vampires. When one of them, around 1663, was transformed into a vampire. From the beginning he knew who he became. He had no intention to accept it, so tried to take his own life to avoid having to kill people. Because it failed, was in the desolate regions. When the hunger attacked the deer, he discovered that he can live without killing people. Then he sailed to France, toured Europe and began to study. At night he studied musicology, natural science and medicine. He studied in Italy, where he first met the Volturi. They were accompanied by dozens of years, he admired their refinement and sophistication, but did not share their taste for human blood. Finally, when he was a doctor, sailed to America.

During an outbreak of Spanish flue he met dying Elizabeth Masen and her son, Edward. The boy's mother begged the doctor to help. Moved with pity and lonely Carlisle turned Edward into a vampire. Soon after, he met a dying Esme, who jumped off a cliff, being depressed after losing a child. Once transformed into a vampire was the wife of Dr. Cullen. Rosalie Hale then turned, found on the street, unable to dying. After finding the dying Rosalie has Emmett, due to its insistence, transforms and its salts. As the last joined the Cullens, Alice and Jasper. In the last part of the book to the family joins Bella Cullen and her child-Edward Cullen Renesmee.