Sunday, April 3, 2011

Even more reasons to love Edward Cullen...

41. He can not keep the car, but it runs (valued resourcefulness).
42. He says that "cats die. "
43. He doesn't change clothes for three weeks, and it's very economical.
44. Declares a regular basis every Friday drunk.
45. If we were Kristen, Rob rzuciłybyśmy Oregano for after the first kiss.
46. The term "hot cakes" inevitably makes us think of the buttocks Rob.
47. If needed a stunt for the role of Bella, zgodziłybyśmy without hesitation.
48. Was chosen the sexiest British and defeated and beat Daniel Radcliffe.
49. He plays the piano and guitar.
50. Despite so many nights spędzonycj Kristen in the hotel rooms, can only be her friend.