Friday, April 8, 2011

More and more reasons to love Edward!!!

51. Playing a vampire and at the same time not believing in vampires.
52. Although his facial expression escapes me with the voice can wyczyniać amazing things.
53. It is 'dirty boy'. Literally.
54. Had he lived at the time of Phidias and Michelangelo, it would be an ideal model. I would be in the middle of the Sistine Chapel.
55. After all pozotał themselves.
56. He likes ketchup.
57. He likes' girls nuts. "
58. As Edward grows almost safe sex.
59. If you ever go astray into Polish, we are pleased it oprowadzimy. After the hotel as well.
60. He says that his dog is his only girl, and we know that is not true.
61. It 'just a big, hard tool'.
62. To face him in topazowych ślepiach.
63. As he went after the senses and generally agreed to play Edward.
64. It is charmingly shy and sensitive.
65. It has sharp teeth, which reportedly can be used in kissing.
66. His view of us excited.
67. We do not know what his natural hair color.
68. Sam wrote arrangement of "Bella's Lullaby. "
69. Had we met, fallen in love with us.
70. Because he is so fucking hot!